Danielle Miller, CEO


Title: CEO
Locations served: The whole shabang
I do the job no one else wants to do! I’m the CEO.
Contact: (850)523-8882 | danielle@wearefitnesspro.com

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What's your favorite workout song?
Anything on the Bleed America album by Jimmy Eat World

Who is your favorite athlete?
Rudy Ruettiger

What's your guilty pleasure?
SUGAR! I eat healthy but I can not turn down sweets.

Do you play any sports?
I have played volleyball most of my life and it is a sport I get to keep on playing.

Cats or dogs?
I was a cat person for most of my life until I got out on my own and got my first dog. Once you go dog you don’t go back.

What is your favorite way to sweat?
I love to try out any and all workouts but I am a yoga instructor and I love to do hot yoga.

What is your favorite piece of fitness equipment?
The Hoist Mi7. I can do everything!

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