Helen Lenaerts

Meet Helen Lenaerts

Title: Billing Coordinator/Residential Sales
Areas Served: Tallahassee
Contact: (850)523-8882 | helen@wearefitnesspro.com



What's your favorite workout song?
Walk by Pantera

Who is your favorite athlete?
Lots of choices, but I’m going to go with Mohammad Ali

What's your guilty pleasure?
I do crafts….lots of crafts.

Do you play any sports?
Not currently, but I have played softball, volleyball and tennis

Cats or dogs?
A couple of both actually.  Austin and Jack the dogs, and Rosie and Blade the cats.  I also have a teenager and a husband..those count right?

What is your favorite way to sweat?
I like indoor rowing, and lately I have been using a jump rope and a stability ladder for drills.

What is your favorite piece of fitness equipment?
I like to change things up a lot, so that’s a tough one.  Currently it would probably be the Helix Lateral Trainer. It’s unique, challenging, and effective.


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