Jeff Miller

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Title: President/Sales Rep/Sales Manager/Recruiter/Good Cop/Top Firer/Catcher of Crap/All Around Good Guy
Locations Served: Tallahassee, FL , Jacksonville, FL, Gainesville, FL , Panama City, FL, 30A-Destin, FL., Mobile, AL, Savannah, GA, Albany, GA, Dothan, AL, Gulfport, MS
Contact: (321)438-3279 |




What's your favorite workout song?
The Way We Move by Langhorn Slim

Who is your favorite athlete?
McKenzie Miller

What's your guilty pleasure?
Spending time with Danielle Elizabeth Miller

Do you play any sports?

Cats or dogs?
One steroid riddled French Bulldog named Groot

What if your favorite way to sweat?

What is your favorite piece of fitness equipment?
St John’s Azul Water Rower

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