Kaitlynn Barr

meet kaitlynn barr

Title: Administrative Assistant/Sales Rep
Areas Served: Tallahassee
Contact: kaitlynn@wearefitnesspro.com



What's your favorite workout song?
I'm a girl so you know how we are about deciding just one so here are three. 

  1. Metal Health by Quiet Riot
  2. Get Busy by Sean Paul
  3. Let's Go by Trick Daddy

Who is your favorite athlete?
Tim Tebow

What's your guilty pleasure?
Comfort Food

Do you play any sports?
Not presently, but I used to play baseball and softball as a kid.

Cats or dogs?
Definitely dogs.

What if your favorite way to sweat?

What is your favorite piece of fitness equipment?
Concept 2 Rower